Monday, June 15, 2009

The List - at the end of the week

Just so I don't seem too crazy I thought I'd show how much the list changes by the end of the week. This past week was a good example partly because John's insanely-good BBQed, whole chicken made enough for 8 people so we had to find a way to use it up.
The list is about planning on a day off, when there is time to think, so that we don't have to plan during the week when I can't make decisions. I bet part of why I don't eat enough vegetables is that the list is best when there aren't a lot of perishables on it (I just throw meat in the freezer if we end up not using it). The challenge I'm making to myself is to stop forgetting to use my vegies! Two zucchinis from two weeks ago are about to go to the compost bin.
We used the chicken for enchiladas, by the way, and we never did have peanut sauce (a.k.a. Dip for Dinner), but we're going to try to have it this week.
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